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Need member registration, management and detailed meeting and event controls?  SkyStudio Community is the solution for you!  With this software package, you can control multiple membership levels, registration fees, renewal notices and fees.  Members can upgrade or downgrade memberships at any time.  A detailed calendar of events helps the organization schedule meetings, get togethers and shows with ease!

This software is appropriate for all sizes of organizations, from those just beginning to large groups!


These features will continue to expand at the software is developed.  If you are interested in this software, please contact me now in order to require additional features!  You are welcome to give input to help define this project!

  • Public Site

    • Landing page featuring events, benefits and other pertinent information about your organization
    • Fully functional gallery of photos, including multiple galleries if set up that way
    • Membership listings by rank
      • Sortable
      • Searchable
    • Board of directors, if applicable
    • Sub groupings within the organization, such as committees
    • Custom pages featuring whatever content you wish to feature
    • Calendar of Events with details listings, including integrated Google maps
  • Member Accounts

    • Membership registration and account controls
    • Renewals, upgrade or downgrade controls
  • Administrative Controls

    • Member listings, including search and sorting
    • Membership level controls
    • Calendar of Events controls
    • Sub level (committee) controls
    • Website settings controls

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