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Cutting Edge Design ToolsNot just any design is good enough for your audience.  You need a look and feel that appeals to your target customers and fits your business and image like a glove.  Don't leave your website design to chance!

Instantly capture potential customers' attention with professional graphics and clear, easy navigation.  Your website's message will be presented efficiently and clearly, turning visitors into clients with ease!  While your website may be the most impressive piece of artwork on the Internet, if the navigation isn't clear, you will not be able to convert visitors into customers if they cannot find the appropriate information when they need it.

Don't Just Browse the Internet, Rule It

Interactivity is king on the Internet!  Let your website shine by featuring interactive galleries, storefronts and applications catered specifically to your business.  You imagine it, I can build it.  The sky is the limit!

Consolidate your website into a single cohesive tool for your customers.  Third party storefronts and services only serve to confuse your customers when they are linked out from your website to someone else's website.  Not to mention, every time your customer signs up with someone else, you can easily lose communication control.  Keep your website all in one place and control over your own customer communications by integrating all the services you wish to offer into your website!

Consolidate Services

Careful & Meticulous Attention to Every Detail

Development WorkAt FireFeather Media, it doesn't matter if your website is a single page, or a multi-section storefront with customer accounts.  Every piece of your website is part of carefully constructed machine, ensuring that every page presents a clear and concise message.  No item is left unturned in the quest for perfection, whether it's a simple button or the primary image on your landing page!

Your website is first designed in detail with Adobe Photoshop.  We will go through as many iterations as it takes to make the perfect design for your business!  Once the design has been settled upon, the images are sliced up and turned into a functional website.  The latest coding standards will be applied to all sections of the website and all tools will be clean and easy to use!

Security: Not Just a Pretty Face

Along with being a captivating experience, every website needs to be safe and secure from prying hands. All pages are meticulously tested and secured against outside intrusion.

SSL CertificateWhen taking credit card payments through your website, secure the connection against peering eyes with a state of the art SSL certificate.  This certificate encrypts payment data as it travels to and from the credit card processors, visible to your customers as a trust padlock through their browsers.  This type of security is not just a suggestion, but a requirement when it comes to taking credit card payments through your website.

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